Summer '22

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Men's Summer Bible Study 2022

Thursday Evenings @ 7pm

beginning June 9

Women’s Summer Bible Study 2022

Monday Evenings @ 7pm

beginning June 6th


Summer Sermon Series

June 5 - July 3
June 5 - July 3

Adoption: Coming alive to the Father’s love
Many of us are functionally living on half a gospel. We have grasped the good news that through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ we are forgiven of all our sin. Often though that’s where we stop, but that’s not where God stopped. The good news of the gospel isn’t just that God the judge has banged the gavel and declared us innocent, but God the Father has wrapped his arm around us and calls us his children. By grace through faith we are adopted into God’s family and now loved, cherished and delighted in by our heavenly Father just as Jesus is. Amazing! Yet without a rich understanding of our adoption into God’s family our spiritual life will feel like trying to fly with one wing. So join us for a 5 week series as we study the good news of our spiritual adoption by grace and come alive to the Father’s love. It will change everything.


July 10 - August 14
July 10 - August 14

God of Compassion and Grace
What do you think of God? Whether you’re a Christian or not, this is the most important question you can ask. Who is the God of Christianity and what is his desire for us? These were the same questions we read the ancient prophet Jonah wrestle with in his well known story chronicled in the Book of Jonah. Though the story has many memorable characters—sailors, a city, a whale and a runaway prophet—it’s main character actually isn’t Jonah, but God. Through Jonah’s saga toward the heart of the Lord we are met by a God unlike anything we could have imagined, one full of compassion and grace for us and our world.