Learn how we are practicing this sacrament during the pandemic

One of the great delights of gathering each Sunday is participating in Communion (Lord’s Supper). This is more than simply a remembrance of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross (as important as that is), it is a means of God’s grace to us. As we participate in the meal the Lord is present to feed us, strengthen us, and encourage us. 

Since we have now begun to gather again in-person, we want to resume Communion for any believer, whether physically present in the sanctuary or joining via the livestream. Recognizing that these are unique times, the option to participate in Communion via the livestream will be offered as long as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Communion will take place after the sermon, but in order to practice it as safely as possible, changes are being made to how we distribute the elements. 

In-Person Instructions

  • After the sermon, anyone who is a follower of Jesus (adult or child), will be invited to move in a physically distant manner toward one of the communion stations placed along the front and sides of the stage. 
  • At the Communion stations you will find sealed, singe serve packages that contain a small wafer and juice. We also have a gluten free single serve option as well.
  • After everyone has had time to get their elements, and have returned to their seats, instructions will be given so that we can participate together. 
  • A pastor/elder will invite you first to remember the broken body of Jesus by eating the bread (wafer). Then you will be invited to remember the shed blood of Jesus by drinking the juice.

Livestream Instructions

  • After the sermon, anyone who is a follower of Jesus (adult or child), will be invited to bring your Communion elements out. A simple piece of bread and a cup of juice will suffice. 
  • We are asking that Communion participation be limited to those who are joining the service live, and not at a later time or date. We believe this best honors the call of Scripture of “when you come together.” We want to as best as possible preserve this sense of oneness, even if we can’t all be physically present together. 
  • Like those gathered in-person, follow the instructions of the pastor/elder.
  • Lastly, we do not expect that all of followers of Jesus will want to participate in Communion via the livestream. This is an open-handed issue, and we would encourage you to follow your conscience in this regard. 

If you have further questions, please email